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01 / digital & social media strategy

We explore your business environment and look at trends, emerging technologies, your strengths, opportunities and regularly validate with research data.

02 / UX Design services

As experienced UX designers we collaborate and then create digital solutions that meet your specific business needs, and deliver high quality solutions.

03 / UI Design-build services

Our UI design experts excel at interface design development, creating websites and applications that are visually appealing, easy and intuitive. UI-UX designers and front-end developers collaborate on all phases of your project to ensure the solution is functionally, structurally and technically solid.

04 / web & mobile development

GCS offers a variety of web development consulting services, from creating responsive web-based solutions and mobile friendly website and mobile app designs,

GCS has MERN (MongoDB, Express, React& Node.js) consultants and developers available for your next project. 


greenvale consulting services


Our team has over 20 years of experience working in the private and public sector.


Our core values are honesty, service, responsiveness, professionalism and punctuality.


Our team designs solutions based on each client's needs and goals.  We work with each client to maximize ongoing value (ROI) based on available resources and long-term strategic planning.


 At Greenvale Consulting Services we strive to:

  • Be open and truthful. As a professional organization we aspire to instill in our team members the highest ethical standards.

  • Respect and protect your intellectual property. As web development professionals it’s our responsibility to protect the intellectual property rights of our clients, their employees and customers including personal data and all electronic media and files. We have a duty and a fiduciary responsible to protect the integrity by adopting and implementing best data management and security practices. We keep client information confidential.

  • Be responsive. We owe it to our clients to respond to inquires in a timely manner.  We are honest about our available resources and expected response time which is communicated in advance. It is important to us that we set proper expectations with our clients.

  • Written communications: We believe it is our responsibility to effectively communicate to our clients including but not limited to scope of work, budget and change orders.

  • We will deal honestly and fairly with our clients at all times, making every effort to deliver work within the estimated time frame and budget.

  • We will insure, that the information published on behalf of our clients is true and complete and is not in any way misleading to potential customers.

  • We will not knowingly distribute information that is in any way deceptive, defamatory, libelous, or scandalous; nor will we assist clients in defaming their competition.

  • We do not share information about our clients with any third parties except as provided for by mutual agreement in writing.

  • We will attempt to use the simplest code that will produce the desired result, utilizing advanced scripting technologies only when necessary and when their use enhances a site's effectiveness and/or the customer's desired experience. 


greenvale consulting services

Tel: (213) 291-2464

Los Angeles - CA


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